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Excel 2016 DBRW issue - resolved

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2022 4:16 pm
by gotchev
hello everyone,
I am a very inexperienced admin, supporting a PA 2.0 in a production environment, and I need some direction analyzing an issue.

We have an Excel report/application, which is reading data from a GL cube using DBRW command.
The end users are accessing the report from TM1Web.
The report is unchanged for at least 9 months as far as I am aware, and is in Production use for several years at least.
I am not aware of any changes to security. Multiple users are reporting the issue at the same time, but I cannot confirm if all users are affected.

I have admin rights and when I access the same report, same machine, same browser, same parameters from TM1Web the cells populate with data,
for the end users they do not populate with data (the issue seems to have started a few days ago).
This leads me to believe that the issue should be in the Object security in TM1, which as I said, should not have changed.

I have verified the cube security, dimension security, and element security (where applicable) - the group to which the user belongs has read access (at least) to the necessary objects. We do not have any cell security.

I have only skimmed through "Controlling Access to TM1 Objects" from IBM.
my next step is to compare group security settings with the test environment, when it is available (we are having some issues).

thanks in advance for any assistance.

Re: Excel 2016 DBRW issue

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2022 5:17 pm
by gotchev
small update:
I have verified that Object security in our test instance is matching* the production instance.
The one exception is the parameter for the Years dimension.
The spreadsheet is using the SUBNM function for the Years dimension (and then using "=+I13-1" to get "last year").
The end users have read access to the years they are accessing(2022 and 2021) - they are using 2022 as fiscal year, so that calculates 2021 as LY.
The spreadsheet when opened is defaulting to 2020(LY=2019) and the end users do not have read access to those (they do in the TEST instance).

Once I can confirm why access was removed, I am planning to grant read access for 2020 and 2019(at least temporary) and retest.

Re: Excel 2016 DBRW issue - resolved

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2022 6:01 pm
by gotchev
the issue was resolved by giving permissions to the default value for the fiscal year parameter in the spreadsheet.

apparently "we" have run into this issue before, but did not remember it.
When the spreadsheet loads the user needs to have permissions to access the data identified by the default value of the parameters.
In our case the default fiscal year was 2020 and the users no longer had access to it.