Arc v1.7 is now available

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Arc v1.7 is now available

Post by ByronB » Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:14 am

If you want to boost your productivity as TM1 developer, Arc is the right tool for you!

With its latest release v1.7, it is time to say goodbye to our good friend Architect and embrace Arc!

Arc v1.7 includes 13 new features, 14 enhancements and 16 fixes:
• A new cube viewer using a new grid. This means you can Excel like editing features and can copy/paste from Excel.
• A new dimension editor using the same grid as above. Includes copy/paste between hierarchies, dimensions and Excel, drag and drop of elements and lots more.
• Rule and TI formula pickers that allow you to create your area, DB and CellXXX formulas.
• Built for Bedrock 4! Control processes are now displayed in the process editor auto-complete (Ctrl+Space).
• Fine-grained control of control objects, show just ElementAttribute cubes or Picklist cubes, etc.
• Snippets are much easier to use, go to the /snippets folder after you install Arc to see some examples.
• You can save a TI as a template to use as a starting point for new TI processes.

More information on the v1.7 release:

Arc comes with a 3 months trial license, just download it here:

Arc is very affordable, you can check the pricing here. It is slightly more expensive than Netflix but you will achieve much more!

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