How to get waiting info from tm1server?

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How to get waiting info from tm1server?

Post by Niko »

Recently, I met a thorny problem. After clicking button which execute a ti process on TM1Web by user, the user has been in a waiting state (that TI may be locked by other TI). The user do not know how long he has to wait. Now the userwants to know how long he has to wait to finish the execution. During this period, the customer can arrange some other things by himself. Is there any way to solve this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Re: How to get waiting info from tm1server?

Post by vovanenok »

Hi Niko, I assume you are using an action button in a TM1 Perspectives report.
In the Action button properties, in the process options, you can specify to Show confirmation dialog message and add there something like This process can take 20-30min, would you like to proceed?

Couldn't think of any other way to provide any info if the process is locked unless you build a custom solution to read active TM1 threads and display such info.

Also TeamOne can display such info directly in Google Sheets, but users have to have ADMIN rights:
TeamOne Google Sheets add-on for IBM Planning Analytics
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