Modify default TM1web layout

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Modify default TM1web layout

Post by JamiseBondi »

Hi guys,

Is it possible to modify the existing layout of TM1web such that you can hide certain banners or buttons i.e. to change the default layout of tm1web as it's rendered in a browser. For example. the 'banner' that contains "IBM Cognos TM1Web on the left and on the RHS is .... Help | Logout
Can this banner be hidden or modified in any way?

Many thanks
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Re: Modify default TM1web layout

Post by ascheevel »

Short of direct editing the source files in the install location that would then get overwritten any time you upgrade, I'm not aware of how to do this. I guess you could create a custom browser extension that dynamically updates the html of the page for all users. You could even build your own custom webpage and leverage the TM1Web api for rendering cubeviews, websheets.

Are you trying to hide it due to screen area issues or are you trying to insert custom hyperlinks?
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Re: Modify default TM1web layout

Post by konstantin-spb »


PRODUCT_NAME:"IBM® Planning Analytics 2.0.9",
LOG_OUT_STR:"Log Out",

On windows installation for PAL 2.0.9 you can find this "magic words" in the file (for "en-US")
<installation path>\webapps\tm1web\scripts\tm1web\common\nls\CommonMessages.js

Open file with admin rights, set words value to blank or whatever you want, save file, refresh web page (no need restart any PAL services).
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Re: Modify default TM1web layout

Post by tm123 »

I also have a requirement to add a new Icon which will launch another site. The requirement is to add the Icon on the Top Banner, just after Log Out

Not sure which files need to be updated for

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