TM1 Rest API as a specific user

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TM1 Rest API as a specific user

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I am trying use TM1 Rest API in order to allow users to extract some data/metadata stored in a TM1 model (Cubes, dimensions) and display that data into a web interface.

We have SecurityMode=1 with LDAP, and I would like to have a delegated User ID that has all the required access to the TM1 Cubes and DImensions in order to retrieve the data.

Is there a way to store the login information in a config.ini file (similar to what is used for TM1Py) so that all users who execute a TM1 Rest API call use the login stored in that file?

Thank you
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Re: TM1 Rest API as a specific user

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Yes of course it's possible you just need to develop it.

But what you are proposing sounds like a direct contravention of licensing requirements as this would in effect be a live query of TM1 using a fixed account rather than a personal account.
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