TeamOne Google Sheets add-on for IBM Planning Analytics

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TeamOne Google Sheets add-on for IBM Planning Analytics

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Even though we migrate corporate budgeting to IBM Planning Analytics / TM1, we never get rid of spreadsheets. Users still use spreadsheets to prepare and upload their data to TM1, they export data from TM1 and use spreadsheets to re-arrange, massage and format it. Every TM1 developer uses spreadsheets to design, document or manage TM1 models.

Now you can do it EASY, FAST, ONLINE and with ZERO CODE, using TeamOne Google Sheets add-on for IBM Planning Analytics:
  • =TEAMONE() formula to query TM1 data
  • data import and export automations
  • validate and compare data before vs after release deployment or between different TM1 models
  • document TM1 models
  • search TM1 models
  • compare TM1 models side-by-side and see the exact difference, up to a single character if code
  • deploy objects between models
  • manage TM1 users, sync users and groups from Google Sheets
  • see and kill user threads
  • run processes ad automate tasks
  • create and update TM1 cubes, dimensions, hierarchies, elements, attributes, views, subsets without a single line of code
  • manage object permissions (cube/dimension/element/process/application security) in a "spreadsheet way"
  • search TM1 logs
  • and more
* No installation is required

As my BIG "thank you" to, I would like to offer FREE individual TeamOne licenses for all TM1 community:license request form

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TeamOne Google Sheets add-on for IBM Planning Analytics
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