ReportWORQ: Enterprise TM1/Planning Analytics Excel Report Distribution

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ReportWORQ: Enterprise TM1/Planning Analytics Excel Report Distribution

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How often do you have to work late to distribute Excel reports from TM1? Do you worry about making mistakes?

Have you built rich Excel-based reports and dashboards using TM1 Perspectives or Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE), but struggle to get that reporting data refreshed and distributed in the formats required by all of your users? ReportWORQ simplifies and automates the generation, distribution, and collection of personalized reports and data across your organization. ReportWORQ’s scalable bursting functionality is like an enterprise mail merge, generating, collating, and distributing personalized reports across your organization through Network Drives, Email, SharePoint, Google Drive, and even Microsoft Teams & Slack Channels. Streamline the entire process by scheduling ReportWORQ to distribute reports as data is loaded into the system, allowing your users to get to analysis and action faster than ever before.

What Can ReportWORQ do? (Read on .. or sign up for a Free Trial HERE)

ReportWORQ delivers a powerful feature set to achieve your reporting needs, regardless of where the data is being refreshed from, or where the reports are being sent to. Here are some of the things you can accomplish with ReportWORQ:
  • Develop Audit and Briefing books by combining multiple Excel workbooks into a single reporting packet, including a table of contents and cover page.
  • Collect contribution data from users across your organization by emailing input forms and having them emailed directly back to ReportWORQ for upload.
  • Burst reports to several recipients, tailored to their specific data access. For example, customized reports sent to various Profit Center owners or sales geographies.
  • Leverage data in reports to drive conditional logic and provide personalized commentary. For example, including changes in key performance metrics in email subject lines.
  • Empower business users who don’t have or need costly licenses to enterprise systems, but wish to receive formatted data and make informed decisions.
Benefit from out-of-the-box support for Perspectives and PAfE reports. ReportWORQ can reuse all of the existing Planning Analytics model design and process integration, leveraging ReportWORQ’s native support for Subsets, MDX Queries and TI Integration.

Besides IBM Planning Analytics, here is a list of list of Other Supported Data Sources: Workday Adaptive Planning and Microsoft SQL Server

Supported Output Formats include: Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF Documents, HTML-based Emails

Supported Distribution Targets include:
  • Email
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Network Share
  • SharePoint
  • Slack
ReportWORQ also includes a library of TM1 Excel productivity and report auditing tools, which can be handy for troubleshooting broken reports or even helping to prepare a migration from Perspectives to PAfE.

Interested in learning more? ...Or Contact us directly: 1 800-QUEBIT1 or
Mike Cowie
QueBIT Consulting, LLC

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