MDXpy - An MDX library for TM1

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MDXpy - An MDX library for TM1

Post by MariusWirtz »


we started an open-source project to create MDX queries programmatically with python: MDXpy
I quickly wanted to mention it here, to make sure we reach all Python and MDX fans :)

> What are the use cases?

1. You do TM1py stuff and need to retrieve data from TM1 with MDX
2. You need MDX for any other purpose and you don't want to write a complex raw MDX

> Why not just write raw MDX?

- With MDXpy you are faster and require less MDX knowledge
(e.g. through autocompletion on functions and arguments)
- MDX Syntax errors are impossible. You can't forget `}`, `]` or `)`
- Logical errors (e.g. pass a `Member` instead of a `Set` to a function) are highlighted by the editor
- MDXpy handles common pitfalls through built-in smarts
(e.g. MDXpy escapes `]` in object names and wraps the `INSTR` method to behave case-insensitively by default)

> How does it work?


> Where can I read more about it?

> How do I install it?

- Install Python 3.x
- Install PyCharm, VSC or Jupyter Notebook
- Run `pip install mdxpy`

> Anything else?

The project is open source. If your favorite MDX function is missing please create a Merge Request on GitHub.
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Re: MDXpy - An MDX library for TM1

Post by scrumthing »

I had a look and I must say I like it. mdxpy is a straightforward idea. Will have to test it further but it sure looks promising. Thanks for that!
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