Jedox 6

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Jedox 6

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As a side point as Palo seems to have been dead for some time (not that it was ever really "open source") would it not be a good idea to rename this forum "Jedox"?
side note over.

Does anyone have thoughts on Jedox 6 which has just been launched? I have to say as a "long term TM1 person" what I saw from the launch was very impressive and these days it is looking very slick. There was more than one occasion where I was thinking "I wish that feature was in TM1".

Two things I found really impressive were
- the incorporation of zero suppression into what we would call the "subset editor" so that when browsing members of not just row and column dimension but also title the user only sees relevant elements that contain data
- the ability to easily create custom rollups on the fly in a view and also similar to a native excel pivot table values in a report to see count, average, etc. as well as the default sum for the values
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