Perf issue : What is more efficient

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Perf issue : What is more efficient

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Hi all,

I’m currently creating a quick report. It's based on 2 cubes, but it basically relies on data from a single cube (let’s call it “Cube 1”). However, it requires just one specific value from the second cube (“Cube 2”).

I’m considering two approaches:

1) Creating a Separate View for Cube 2: In this approach, I would create a separate view for Cube 2 alongside the view for Cube 1. Then, I could extract the necessary value from Cube 2.
2) Using DBRW to retrieve the specific value frome the "cube 2" and I juste create a single view for Cube 1

My main concern is performance. Which approach would be more efficient?

Best regards,
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Re: Perf issue : What is more efficient

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For just 1 cell you can use 2nd approach.

For example, I usually do not bother and point to "}ElementAttribute_" cube directly, without making VIEW for it
Best regards, Alexander Dvoynev

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