Quickly promote or copy a PAW book

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Quickly promote or copy a PAW book

Post by gtonkin »

Ever needed to quickly copy a PAW Book from Dev to Prod or Prod to Dev?
You could use the Lifecycle Management to do this but it takes time to select, map, copy over move etc. etc.

To short-circuit this you could simply copy the code behind the book and paste it into the new book.

Access the book specification using Ctrl + Q + /
Copy this to your clipboard.
Create a new book in the environment you need it, open up the board specification and update from your clipboard.
Update the specification then Save your book into the desired location and you are done.

For the more adventurous, you can edit the specification to reference control objects e.g. when syncing action buttons and applying security requiring }Clients or }Groups.

Also useful should you have some code snippets you want to inject into the sheets/books e.g. an image at a certain location, similar to pinned objects.
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Re: Quickly promote or copy a PAW book

Post by Wim Gielis »

Thans you George. Just to add that on my keyboard it is Ctrl-q-:
This is an Azerty keyboard, which is popular in my country.
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Re: Quickly promote or copy a PAW book

Post by Adam »

This is a good one, not sure why this is hidden away. Might be a good IBM PA AMA question for next time.

I’ve also used this for pixel perfect column width across sheets, which can be important for some users.
Take care.
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Re: Quickly promote or copy a PAW book

Post by ascheevel »

Great stuff, thanks for sharing George. This must be a small product of the initiative to bring the cognos and and planning analytics teams closer together. Copying report specifications in report studio was a much appreciated feature.
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Re: Quickly promote or copy a PAW book

Post by Emixam »

This is a life changer !! Thanks a lot for sharing
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