PAW Administration - Agents & Email Alert Config

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PAW Administration - Agents & Email Alert Config

Post by chewza »

Hi there

I am looking for some help on how to configure emails alert and set up agents on Paw. Our architecture involves a dedicated PAW server (lets call it server 2), and another server that runs both Tm1 Server and Tm1 web (call it server 1).

In PAW Administration I can see the tab for Agents. It shows a single agent set up with the IP address of server 1. I have been doing some reading and am a little confused. In the Agents tab, there is an option to download an Agent install file. Do I need to download this onto Server 1, and run/install it on Server 1? There is also mention made of a bootstrap file under "cognos\tm1_64\paa_agent\wlp\usr\servers\kate-agent".

Would appreciate some help & guidance!

Many thx
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Re: PAW Administration - Agents & Email Alert Config

Post by declanr »

The agent needs to be installed on all of the TM1 servers for PAW to be able to monitor them.
You can download the agent from PAW, and then go to a TM1 Server and install it.

The fact that you can already see an agent for your TM1 server means that you already have one installed, so you probably don't NEED to redo it. The TM1 install itself will also come with an agent, but normally you will upgrade PAW more often than your TM1 server - meaning that the agent you have installed is probably a bit older than the one available.
Theoretically, you should keep them in sync, but I haven't seen any issues with leaving them a bit out of sync (yet.)

Assuming that you can see all of the monitoring stuff working correctly in PAW (Memory usage, disk usage, service run states etc.) then you are probably fine and the agent is working correctly.
If you want to set up the automatic email notifications when certain events occur, then you will need to go to the bootstrap properties file (that you already put the path for in your OP) and provide your SMTP details. After making changes to the properties file you will need to restart the agent service.

I'm sure that there used to be a "test email" feature in older versions of PAW but that doesn't seem to be there anymore, so to test you set it up correctly - you would just have to trigger one of the events that you set it to notify you of and wait to see if an email turns up.
Declan Rodger
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