Adding Comments within TM1?

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Adding Comments within TM1?

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Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone,

I recently deployed dashboards to my leadership team within PAW, which, at the moment, provides KPIs and directional insights from the dataset. What I would like to be able to do is enhance those dashboards by incorporating insights generated by our Finance Business Partner's (FBPs.) Currently, the FBP insight is collected and stored within PAfE reports and sent on a monthly basis via email.

I know that I can create a separate comments cube and allow the FBPs the ability to send string data to TM1. Separately, I can create a new Comment element in an existing cube to store the same information. However, before I venture too far down one path, I was hoping to solicit feedback on pros/cons of going in either direction. Or, is this information best served in Excel and published to the dashboard in a separate tab?

Thank you in advance,
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