Configuring rights

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Configuring rights

Post by DYNA » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:11 am

Hi guys.

Currently we are working with an hierarchy of four levels:
Cluster -> Department -> Branch -> Business Unit

Cluster is our highest level, whilst Business Unit is our lowest level.

Currently, we are using the Cognos Applications Portal to Capture the budget, and Planning Analytics Workspace to report from the budget.

What we require is for the user to capture(Cognos Applications Portal) only on his/her business unit, without seeing other business units.
On the reporting side(Planning Analytics Workspace), the same user must be able to see all the stats for that specific branch that he/she is part of.

Is this possible to achieve?

David Usherwood
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Re: Configuring rights

Post by David Usherwood » Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:51 pm

Suggest you start here: ... 60007.html
(It's pre PA but still applies.)
High level summary:
  • TM1/PA Security is based on groups
  • Users are members of one or more groups
  • Security applies to cubes, dimensions (not often), dimension elements, processes, chores, applications and (if you need real refinement) cells in cubes
  • Security cubes are control cubes and visible to admins
  • Rules (or TI) applied to these cubes can be very useful to automate security

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