Instead SUBST

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Instead SUBST

Post by gernosh » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:13 pm

Hello guys,

I am new to TM1 and am doing an Income Statement job.

In I'm stuck on a doubt, my dimension has values similar to SO_1478524789, GE_8524587482, however, my data source has the data 1478524789, 8524587482.

How do I import the data by matching the data of the variable containing the 1478524789 with the Leaf Level that contains SO_1478524789?


Data Source:
Luc Batis
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Re: Instead SUBST

Post by PavoGa » Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:13 pm

It appears the leaf level "1478524789" is a unique identifier and assume the prefix is a categorization such as business unit/etc. If true, I would have actually used the "1478524789" as the primary element name with the prefix as an attribute and have a alias that combines the two into the desired display element. But instead you can just add the "1478524789" as an alias to the dimension and that should allow you to load the source file without a problem.

If that is not unique and it takes some other value in the source file to determine the final account, will need a slightly different solution using an alias or mapping cube.
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