Cubewise CODE's Arc: Develop High Quality TM1 Models Faster

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Ben H
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Cubewise CODE's Arc: Develop High Quality TM1 Models Faster

Post by Ben H » Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:24 am

Cubewise CODE is happy to announce our latest product for the TM1 community: Arc

Arc (finally) delivers the TM1 world a state-of-the-art development interface to TM1 Developers. Write TI code and rules way faster than you ever have before using modern features you would expect from any IDE:
  • Access TM1 objects (even across multiple instances) quicker using modern search capabilities
  • Code completion, syntax formatting, write your own plugins, etc.
  • Comprehensive TI debugging including analysis of object locking
Build higher quality applications by reusing and sharing battle-tested code:
  • easily shareable code snippets and plugins
  • Fully Hierarchies aware
  • Bedrock plugin
Not to mention that you can create cubes and dimensions - in other words do everything you need to do as a TM1 Developer in one interface designed and developed specifically for *only* you by TM1 Developers.

Maybe the best feature of all - no install. Just download the .exe and start using it.

We are giving it away for free for six months to try it out after which it will only be $500 USD per year subscription per user.

Go here to check it out and download it:

We hope this will help every TM1 Developer develop faster and with more consistent quality.

Happy TM1 Developing!

Ben Heinl, Cubewise

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Re: Cubewise CODE's Arc: Develop High Quality TM1 Models Faster

Post by ByronB » Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:36 am

A new version of Arc is now available.

Arc v1.2 includes a new multi-window layout and a lot of other fixes and enhancements, more information in the release notes: ... /

Download and try it for free for 3 months:

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