11-115841041 - Client 9.4.1 FP1 Type Mismatch in SubNM

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11-115841041 - Client 9.4.1 FP1 Type Mismatch in SubNM

Post by Alan Kirk » Fri May 08, 2009 4:52 am

As noted in this thread:

The behaviour of SubNm formulas changed slightly in FP1 of 9.4.1.

Prior to that version you could enter the syntax:

Code: Select all

(That is, omitting the other arguments.)

Double clicking on the cell would launch the subset editor. The other arguments would be populated when you selected an element from the editor.

In 9.4.1 FP1, using that syntax will result in an unhandled VBA error 13 (type mismatch) when the cell is double clicked.

Other SubNM formulas will not work after that happens until you press [F9] to recalculate the sheet.

This bug occurred when the function was changed to allow it to use cell references as arguments. Prior to 9.4.1 FP1, if you used a cell reference for, say, the server name, the double click functionality would not work. It does in FP1, but you must specify all of the arguments for the function.
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