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Ranet OLAP

Post by rezan » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:53 am

What is Ranet OLAP
Any business that works in current economic conditions needs proper data analysis in order to boost its competitiveness. Efficient data analysis of every business process helps to see correlations between decisions and consequences that affect business.
OLAP is a method of data analysis and data representation that forms information into a multidimensional cube. This form helps better understand and process any amount of information.
Ranet OLAP is a rich business tool that provides users with a broad range of OLAP functions. Ranet OLAP tool is used for all the OLAP data analysis actions. It has a wide range of user-oriented and technical features:
  • Rapid data process. OLAP cube allows to change data and see changes instantly. This feature is also used for what-if analysis;
  • Object-oriented architecture. Users work with objects they understand: product, buyer, price. Via these objects they interact with data;
  • Easy and clear interface and built-in tools that don't demand programming skills. Create customizable reports right in the app using built-in reports manager;
  • OLAP cube is also used as a data warehouse. First it collects data from any data source - Ranet OLAP was designed to work perfectly with popular databases as Microsoft SQL, Pentaho Mondrian, icCube etc. After that OLAP data cube becomes an independent data source for pivot tables;
  • Flexible filters to arrange OLAP data in tables to understand and demonstrate information;
  • Rich dashboard of tools for data visualization.
These and more features make Ranet OLAP a powerfull and user-friendly tool for OLAP data analysis.

More information here https://galaktikasoft.com/ranet-olap/

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